SMT Production Supplies, Electronic Cleaning Products, and Screen Printer Accessories

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Whether you are screen printing for thick film microelectronics, or stencil printing for Surface Mount Technology and PCB Assembly, or working in an ESD safe or Cleanroom environment, JNJ has a cleaning product to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of environmentally friendly and user friendly cleaning solvents, aqueous cleaners, lint-free wipes, saturated wipes, and screen/stencil printer accessories to aid in maintaining the highest levels of manufacturing performance. We sell our products through a global network of distributors, many of which sell them on line for quick and easy access. A list of these distributors can be found by clicking on the "Dealer" button located on the main navigation menu on the left side of your screen.

We offer a wide variety if SMT Production Supplies that are used in and around the stencil printer as well as at the back end of the line for cleaning and repair of populated boards. Click one of the following links to navigate to these products, or use the main menu selection buttons on the left side of the page to find detailed information on our products for use in the electronics manufacturing industry.

 Dry Wipes  Saturated Wipes  Solvents  Squeegees  Stencil Rolls 

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