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JNJ Industries, Inc

Manufacturer of  SMT Production Supplies, Electronic and Industrial Cleaning Products, Environmental Remediation Products, and Skin Care Products

JNJ Industries is the manufacturer of GlobalTech®, a line of environmentally responsible solvents and cleaning products for industries which include high technology, automotive, aerospace, electronics, screen printing, and industrial manufacturing.

Maintaining performance standards is key to increased productivity and quality assurance. This means not only consistent operation of your equipment, but also assurance that the accessories, consumables and production supply materials used in your manufacturing process deliver the same level of consistent quality and reliability. JNJ Industries is your single source provider for the components, solvents and consumable supplies essential to maintain the highest quality standards in the assembly and manufacturing process. 

For cleaning, maintenance, rework, and polishing, JNJ’s SmartWipes® line offers application specific packaging and materials selection for optimum results. From under stencil wiping rolls, super absorbent and lint free wiper materials to zero abrasive fabrics for polishing and cleaning precision optics, JNJ makes a SmartWipe for every job.

JNJ’s GlobalTech Solvent and Chemical Division provides both advanced formulation of environmentally safe chemicals and solvents, as well as application specific packaging and dispensing solutions. From super aggressive cleaners and solvents to ultra pure discrete formulations, GlobalTech delivers the right solvent for the job.

Our environmental remediation products is made up primarily of the Smart-Bond® encapsulating polymer absorbent products, which are used to absorb, encapsulate and neutralize hazardous liquids. We have absorbents for both Hydrocarbon based spills and Aqueous based spills.

JNJ’s commitment is not only to provide the highest quality products possible, but to make them available to you for fast delivery through a network of local, national, and international distributors. In addition to getting JNJ quality products, you get the added benefit of doing business with local suppliers who can provide quick delivery and familiar service.